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Cy's 100 Favorite Albums of 2023

It's that time again. That moment where I reflect on all the music I've listened to throughout the year and consider those that have made the deepest impact on me. For those new to this series, this isn't about the "best" or the "top." This is an attempt to think about where music is in my life at this point, where it falls on the spectrum of the times and how those times are affected by the kind of music released.

In recent years, with all the madness surrounding us, music has been both a blessing and something of a point of aggravation for me. In moments of pain, the prospect of listening to new music was more of a burden than a balm, to be honest. However, the truth is there is always music. No matter the era, year, decade, century. There is always music that will heal me. I leaned heavily on to older music that had the instant effect of putting me in a better place. That does mean, however, that I didn't start compiling this list (that is, listening to new music) until very late in the year (the latest I've ever started, to be honest). But once I did start...Hoo, boy! Some of the stuff released in 2023 was transformational!

So let's not dilly-dally anymore. Here are my 100 favorite albums from last year!

What albums had a deep effect on you in 2023? Feel free to click on the album covers to learn more and/or stream/download the albums yourself.

100 - 81

80 - 61

60 - 41

40 - 21

20 - 11

The Top 10

Absolutely beautiful music. In the same vein of Victoria Monét and other softer-voiced singers of that ilk, Kelela has managed to successfully inject emotional weight and an understated power in her tone.

Read full review here.

wonderego sees Crush at his most open, most adventurous self in the past seven years. Perhaps the switch to P Nation has given him the feeling that he can go for absolutely anything, and he’s done just that.

Read full review here.

...a gorgeous piece of music to have on in when you need a mood revitalization.

...a perfect reflection of the land the grew up in, all lush landscapes dotted with sparks of danger.


She’s severely tongue-in-cheek, and in the same breath is able to create an atmosphere that gives the listener a feeling of floating on something soft and deeply necessary. Powerful vocal performance for the singer/songwriter.

Read full review here.


In an era where every word is scrutinized to try to find the world’s biggest sinners, SCARING THE HOES does exactly what it sets out to do: scare the hoes!


This is a piece of music that steps beyond the artist himself and plants itself in the soil of our imaginations.


What a pleasant turn of creative fancy. She’s given herself license to embrace all of her musical inspirations and aspirations and has delivered a body of music that asks listeners to expand their aural palates.


He’s a brilliant artist that while more well known since his ever-popular “TADOW,” still doesn’t get the notoriety I believe he’s deserving of.

Read full review here.


Some of the most bombastic, arrogant, loud and damn cerebrally and sensually potent music since Korn escaped the asylum in the deep recesses of a lonely mind.

Read full review here.

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