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  • Cy White

BOBBY: Robert


Okay, hold on just a hot damn minute! BOBBY! What the actually hell?!

As soon as he started rapping, I just laughed out loud. BOBBY has always had a mean streak in him that lends itself to the rap/rock hybrid of Robert. One thing that I will always commend him for his being unapologetically himself, and everything that entails. He’s as goofy and silly as anyone else, but when he’s serious, there’s no mistaking him for his idol peers.

It’s definitely fitting that he put his full English first name on the cover. This is a look into Bobby’s weird, wonderful and utterly chaotic energy. I was in full stank face mode from the word go. When “hercules!” hits, I’m just south of having a fit. This is the kind of gully energy I always crave from South Korean rappers and am more often than not left wanting. Robert is an EP in the form of a threat, and I am here for it!


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