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  • Cy White

OoOoot: WANT


Moody, sensual, jazz-fueled. OoOooT's first EP, WANT, is music that tingles along the skin and creeps up the spine. Lovely, WANT certainly leaves an impression with its dark, shadow-tinted compositions. The melodies harken to something similar to ’70s jazz-soul-funk (something you’d hear in a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack or something deep and searching from Quincy Jones). I certainly can appreciate the use of live instrumentation to convey more aurally surreal thematic elements. “JEREMIAH” and “FIRE” musically set my nerves alight. Being able to blend the organic (live horns and drumming in “JEREMIAH”) and more ostentatiously reliant on technology the synth and MPK work on “FIRE) is admirable. The features are mostly incidental, not so much adding too much to the already incredible composition as being an extra layer that isn’t always necessary.

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