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Masego: Masego


What else could you possibly expect from Masego? His eponymous album really does a deep dive into what possesses him, what gives him his undeniable groove and all-around musical perspective.

The music itself is intricate, clever, beautifully executed. Gorgeous voice and composition, with clever lyrics that are both intriguing to dig into and at times incredibly funny (using “The Cha-Cha Slide” as the foundation for opening track “Black Anime,” adding fantastic characterization in the trailing moments of songs "Black Anime" and "Two Sides"). He strikes an impressive balance between his public persona (a fast-talking, musical lothario with a love of beautiful women and, of course, his saxophone) and the very real musical versatility that has defined his career from the first note of its dawning. While his tongue is firmly planted in cheek for much of album, there are definite moments of introspection and lyrical maturity ("Remember Sundays," "In Style") that give the album balance.

Masego is a brilliant artist who while more well known since his ever-popular “TADOW,” still doesn’t get the recognition I believe he deserves. There’s an unbelievable amount of depth, creativity, playfulness but incredible honest. Simple lyrics wrapped in complex emotion and a profound understanding of musical balance. He’s just so fun to listen to for lovers of music. A treasure to be experienced, studied, appreciated and admired.

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