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  • Cy White

Shania Twain: Queen Of Me


Queen Shania’s voice has been missed! She very much defined a feminist revolution that took place in the late ’90s, and with knowledge of her vocal troubles over the years, it’s pretty much a miracle that we got work that sounds as incredible as it does.

Ms. Twain still has the ability to create genre-bending music that is inclusive of every listener. Playful tracks like “Best Friend” and the feisty “Giddy Up!” showcase the range of her musicality and her ability to inject so much of her personality in the digital mapping of each song. While “Pretty Liar” shows her teeth, and does this lion ever bite!

As a rebel falling outside the “All-American Boys Club” of country music, Shania Twain continues to redefine what it means to be a country artist. Canadian, fan of rock and pop ballads who’s also a woman who doesn’t believe in waiting for a man to come scoop her up and give her life fulfilment and meaning? She checks every box because she essentially ripped the tally sheet to pieces when she dropped her debut single back in 1995.

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