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Mélat: Canon Metis: Wiser Than Gods and Mortal Men


Mélat.... What can one even say about this artist? She has incredible connection with her soul that permeates throughout her music. On her latest project, Canon Metis, her soul-flection washes over each song, giving the album a warmth that feels like home, that feels like comfort.

There's so much humility in the music, but more than that, so much raw honesty. Even going so far as to include a raw freestyle of track “I.D.M.T.L.Y.” An endless level of loveliness pervades even the heartache in some of the lyrics.

Mélat seems to inherently understand the need for softness, beauty and love in desperate times. We are certainly in desperate times, times that call for artists to really rally behind positivity, truth and, above all else, love. Tracks like lead single “The Now (Sweet Love No.9)” and B-sides like “February Music” and "Lambs to Lions" give the soul space to elevate, to truly open itself up to the possibility of infinite love, of brave love. Not fearlessness, because life is so full of things to be wary of; however, the bravery, as they say, comes in the face of fear, how we respond to it. Either embracing it or repelling from it, and with Canon Metis, Mélat chooses to embrace the fear and love in spite of it. Both give selflessly of her own heart as well as allowing herself the vulnerability to accept love.

Canon Metis gives the listener permission to lean into the softness that life and love can offer. Though there are rugged, hard-edged moments of both, there's nothing wrong with falling into the fullness. Embrace those hard moments, but don't surrender to them. There's too much love to experience and sample. Mélat lends us a soundtrack for the savoring.

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