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  • Cy White

Summer Walker: CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE


Summer Walker has a voice that is clear, sharp, lovely. As with Walker’s previous work, CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE is believable, relatable even. She doesn’t shy away from saying things we’ve all at least thought but never dared to say out loud for fear of being dragged on social media for our vulnerability (“Wish I had a man to make me whole,” “New Type” featuring Childish Gambino), but she does frame this in the context of what her strength and her ego dictates (“Mind Yo Mouth”).

In the same breath that she refuses to allow society to dictate who she is, there are honest moments when Walker struggles to maintain her pride while seeking companionship to fulfill her. Musically, SOFT LIFE is lush, gorgeous. There’s certainly a maturity in the sound, a growth that’s both intentional and expected for the new mother.

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