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Q Marsden (known more colloquially as simply Q) does not shy away from the shadow of his influences. He, in fact, seems to bask in it.

He opens his Soul,PRESENT EP like Purple Rain, with a synth-heavy lead-in before the legendary “Dearly beloved” kicks in. Indeed, much of the synth work is very much in line with what one would have heard with The Revolution. Opening track “WELCOME TO SOUL,PRESENT” sounds like it belongs to one of the many Prince proteges that came out of Paisley Park. This wouldn’t be out of place on an album from The Family or even deep in the archives of The Time. Still, Q carries the mark of a Terrance Trent D’arby, in sensual bravado and unwavering confidence.

Soul,PRESENT is kind of an album out of time. This was something that would have made a bigger wave if it were released in the mid-’80s, when synthesizers and off-kilter rhythmic playfulness ran rampant in the streets. It’s certainly a lovely bit of nostalgia for fans of The Time, Climaxxx, Living Color and, yes, anything Prince-adjacent.

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