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Sleep Token: Take Me Back to Eden


Oh. My. FUCK!

Why didn't anyone tell me about this band?! Sleep Token is the epitome of everything that found a place in the darke, deep corners of my soul. What a ride. In the tradition of Slipknot and Mudvayne, the band manages to create truly heartbreaking music while relying on theatricality to set them apart.

Take Me Back to Eden is like the explosion between your thighs when it hits right. The feeling of another tongue on yours. Sex… but so much deeper. The album throbs and screams and aches and yearns, needs, loves.

From the first song, the album, appropriately, puts you in an instant “Chokehold.” Some of the most bombastic, arrogant, loud and damn cerebrally and sensually potent music since Korn escaped the asylum in the deep recesses of a lonely mind. Since LAMB stole my heart. Since Sneaker Pimps seduced me with what dark metal can sound like when it’s full of true love and hypnotic lusting passion.

In the same breath that it is intense, powerful and filled with an elegant darkness, Take Me Back to Eden is a master class in emotive musicality. When tracks like “Aqua Regia” and “Ascensionism” hit, you equally don’t expect it and almost lean in to embrace it in anticipation. A gorgeous piece of work that completely took my breath away upon first listen.

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