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Korn: Untitled (Deluxe)


Korn is feeding us good the last couple years. Bringing back hard-hitting, gnarly, crunchy yet emotive and melodic rock that bands like Sleep Token and Meet Me at the Altar have taken up.

Untitled (Deluxe) is a dynamic, lovely, imposing piece of rock music that deserves both adoration and respect, reverence and not a little bit of gratitude. I’ve missed this band and others of their ilk so much, and the fact they keep blessing us with new (and updated) material gets my ’90s goth girl heart all in a twisty tizzy.

Jonathan Davis’ voice was, is and remains as beautiful as ever. Vocally, this man is the finest of wines. All the power, grit, control and emotion that he’s had the entirety of his career. He’s got an ocean of emotion running red in his veins, and every time he puts pen to paper and his voice on a microphone, he blesses his listening audience with leagues of the stuff. Don’t believe me? Take a quick listen to track “Hushabye” to get a taste of the full range of this man’s dexterity. Vocal fries, crystal-clear falsetto points, a throaty croon thick as molasses. Never doubt that his man is one of the greatest voices in rock music, and he continues to showcase exactly why with the albums he and his impeccable band have released in the past couple years.

This deluxe edition of their 2007 album is a welcome addition. (And since it’s a deluxe version, it still counts as releasing this year. So there!)

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