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Uzuhan & Sam Ock: Danger

Count on Uzuhan to release music that goes straight to the heart. There's always something uplifting about his music. Always something refreshing about the way he seems to know exactly what to say to get people to embrace positivity

What's more positive than love? Genuine love that takes "people" out of the equation and just exists as the overwhelming, all-encompassing emotion that it is? It's rare in music, to be honest. There's a lot of "I'll die for you." A lot of "I'll move Heaven and Earth," "You saved me," "You're the only one in my life," etc. What Uzuhan does with this love note to his wife is really just express love without pretense, without grandstanding. There are many songs that talk about how meeting a significant other has "changed" the person expressing their love. Very rarely is it "You've added more to who I am." Not "Changed me from the mess I was, so therefore you know it's love because I wouldn't change for anybody."

"Danger" is all about how his wife entered his life and simply gave it more. "I realize you're my inspiration. Critical to my life equation." She's not removed parts of him. She's added to who he is as a man and allowed him to grow exponentially instead of diminish who he already was ("Maybe I need to reconsider some of the things I say by default"; "Perhaps you can recall all the moments I should evolve from"). While he does place his wife on a pedestal (which, you know, you can't fault him for that), it's never to the point where she's some ethereal untouchable being, the stuff myths and legends are made of. She's still very human, and Uzu never suggests anything else.

It's this humanity he ultimately puts on display. He doesn't spend time outlining her faults, and frankly only touches on some of the things he considers his own weaknesses (though, only to illustrate some of the ways she's added value to his life and helped him on his journey to evolve). This is a song that's about one man's love for the woman in his life. Despite what he perceives as his own shortcomings, regardless of the craziness of the world, the one thing that will always remain rock-solid is the love between the two of them.

Sam Ock drives the point home with stunning vocals during the bridge and chorus. "Danger" is all around a beautiful track expressing a beautiful sentiment. Simple music that never falls too heavy into compositional tropes, perfectly straddling the line between familiar and cliché. The main takeaway is always the lyrical content, bolstered by some dynamic vocal work. Song and sentiment are all so simple. And, really, how can anyone scoff at that? After all, love is simple. Humans make it complicated. Leave it to Uzuhan and Sam Ock to bring it back to the basics and give us the straightforward love song we so rarely get nowadays.


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