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  • Cy White

Tyler, The Creator: Call Me If You Get Lost

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. Oh, excuse me, Mr. Beaudelaire. If you're sleeping on this man as an MC, you must be in a self-induced coma.

Because he is an actual musician (a pianist, as it were), his understanding of both flow and storytelling is very musical. Never mind his production has always been on something beyond what most people conceive in this day in age. There are very few artists period in this lifetime who consider the overall narrative of their albums.

Tyler with the theatrics is Tyler at his best. Keep in mind, theatrical doesn't necessarily mean full of drama without substance. On the contrary, Tyler knows how to balance true emotion (whether those emotions are hurt, happiness, horniness, pettiness, annoyance). Theatrical simply means he knows how to fashion his emotions in a way that will force his audience to feel the exact same thing. He doesn't take himself too seriously, but he wears the modifier "Creator" in all seriousness.

That being said, Tyler had something to prove with this album. The same aggressive, unbridled lyricism and delivery that made me fall in love with him during his Goblin phase makes an appearance. But instead of the morbid darkness, we get a playfulness that's no less bold. He transforms the darkness and allows it to stretch the expanse of his emotional landscape. It's audacious, egotistical, self-assured and honest music that leaves no room to wonder who Tyler the Creator is. Because this man knows exactly who the fuck he is.

Call Me... is just one of the most narratively honest, bold, open hip-hop albums in the past few years. Funny how you can always seem to say that whenever Tyler releases something.


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