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  • Cy White

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Love For Sale

I will never turn down some good jazz music.

Tony Bennett is a musical institution unto himself. The remaining member of the (in)famous "Rat Pack," the man refuses to leave the mortal coil until he can ensure the music he loves so much is in good hands. Over the near century of his existence, he's amassed a menagerie of musical friends and like-minded acquaintances. Kindred spirits that he works with because he sees in them the same sort of musical camaraderie he felt over 50 years ago. In Lady Gaga, he found an old soul. A woman who's theatrics obviously extend to jazz standards that require big bands and even bigger personalities.

Love For Sale is a light, fun affair where to like-hearted musicians commune to give the modern music-listening public a taste of something classic, something timeless. Though it can lean toward a little bit of chintz, Gaga's vocal ability and Bennett's presence alone create in Love For Sale an album that's just a soothing experience. It's blissfully lovely background music that, while not to be ignored, is easy to escape into without giving too much of your attention to.

I certainly can appreciate band-driven music and will always have a deep fondness for the Golden Years of jazz's perhaps most mainstream era. Kudos to Tony Bennett for always bringing a little light to the world and to Lady Gaga for embracing less visual ostentation for grand music that highlights just what a powerful instrument she has.


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