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Teyana Taylor – The Album

I just have to say it if no one else is. Teyana Taylor is a revelation. Her first official full-length release is something magical. Authentic nods to ’90s R&B in the form of Erykah Badu (“Lowkey”), Timbaland and his work with Aaliyah (“Boomin’”) and Janet Jackson (“Morning”). Big props to Ms. Lauryn Hill with track “Ever Ever.” Ms. Hill even graced us with her presence again (“We Got Love”). But more than that, Taylor has a grown voice. It does sit in the same pocket as many of her juniors. The difference between her execution and theirs, however, is an undercurrent of experience. While others sound similar because they all share this shade of youth, Taylor has age (she’s 30), motherhood, marriage and a bevy of life experiences that give her voice depth. Her pen is unapologetic, speaking of love, sex, desire, insecurity, fear without any insistence. It comes as naturally as her voice. A beautiful album that opens on the home birth of her daughter. Really, we are blessed to be in an era where women 30 years old and older are putting their voices in a game saturated with youth.


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