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  • Cy White

Taylor Swift: evermore

Basic. Simple. Taylor's Swift's evermore is decent enough music, but it doesn't really leave a lasting impression on me.

To be fair, when you listen to tons of music throughout the year, a lot of it gets lost in the shuffle, and if there isn't anything much to make even a decent album stick, it's just sort of there. That's pretty much how Swift's evermore feels. It's pretty in parts, not really extraordinary, which isn't really necessary. But it should at least have enough there to make me want to go back to it. evermore does not.

This isn't to diminish Swift's talent and her ability to write relatable music. But it suffers from the same issue I had with Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever: sleepy and underwhelming. Moments where I could see some of what makes Swift a popular artist, but not enough to make me want to relisten or even remember what I listened to in the first place.

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