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  • Cy White

Sherren Olivia: Oasis


Sherren Olivia has a beautiful voice that's soft but not infantilized, an unfortunate trait of the contemporary R&B songstress. The music on Oasis is playful, unbridled by the strictures of what would be considered "traditional" R&B. Heavy music that's as emotive as the lyrical content and uses beats to allow Olivia to match pace vocally. This gives her softer vocals license to work in concert with the music, instead of the intricate, heady composition overshadowing the singer.

The harmony work is elegant, yet grounded, earthy. The features don't always add much to the music (Ohana Bam's contribution to "Gemini"), but for the most part they are a decent complement to the singer's lovely vocal and, again, don't overwhelm Olivia.

Oasis is an incredibly pleasant, intriguingly introspective album that resonates because the music is so incredibly soulful and the vocalist leans into that soul with honest believable lyrical content and sincere emotion in her performance.


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