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Room306 is the type of band that plays on your desire for calm, sweet comfort and rest. With BOOZE AND PETAL they give more of what made them such an interesting musical outfit in the first place. A comfortable marriage between electronica and jazz. Music that is even more overt in tracks like "LITTLE" and "FLOAT" that make use of traditional jazz conventions (upright bass, drum brushes, etc.).

They enlist facets of '90s elemental house in track "VIRTUE" to give their sound deeper dimension. They also make use of a concept we haven't really seen from them in the past: intricate harmonies. What BOOZE AND PETAL really does is reintroduce the band in a way that will allow newcomers to their music to fall headfirst into the uniqueness of their sound.

Harkening back to bands like Micatone and Jazzanova, Room306 makes use of instrumentation and electronic tropes to create a hybrid of sounds that is at once nostalgic and incredibly nuanced.

Still, there are deeply tender moments of live instrumentation that give the more pixelated edges of the sound a smoother, more serene texture. The album's final tracks, "PRETEND" and "DROWN," round out BOOZE AND PETAL with yearning, emotional shades that leave listeners with a sense of calm wonder. Overall, a lush, emotionally open piece of music that reintroduces Room306 as a band out of time, unique to its environs and so very necessary to the landscape surrounding it.

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