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Miso – Metanoia

I wanted so much more from Miso! The veritable queen of the former club e$kimo, now you.will.knovv collective, her work has always been something a bit left of center. She’s a DJ and producer first, singer second, after all. She knows her way around composition. Her single releases were always fascinating. However, with her debut EP, it takes until halfway through it to actually reach some of that same magic. Unfortunately, since there are only four songs on the album that didn’t really give me enough time to really connect with the piece. “Evermore” is a glimpse into the brilliance that Miso really has to offer. I just wish there were more of it. An instance of not enough album to really get an impression, especially when half of it didn’t leave an impression at all. Again, I just wanted so much more. I’m hoping we get it in 2021.



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