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  • Cy White

Mild High Club: Going Going Gone

Mild High Club's Going Going Gone is soothing music for those who wish for an escape into a deeper reality without the fuss of an existential experience. The ease with which each instrument wraps its melodious arms around you brings the mind to stillness, a clarity that allows for broader expansion of thought, emotion.

Mild High Club has always had a penchant for reaching deeper into the recesses of a listener's consciousness. There's so much peacefulness here. A psychedelic trip into bossa nova and nu-jazz that doesn't ask for too much.

Certain tracks stick to the soul more than others ("Kluges I," "I Don't Mind the Wait"). But every single track has something for every listener to lean into. It's a massage to the shoulders. Warm embrace that leaves you feeling calmed and open. This, of course, isn't to suggest there's nothing of substance here. Quite the contrary. The musicianship is of such a high caliber it tricks you into thinking nothing of it at all.

That's the magic of "background music." When the musicians are top-class, when the music is just good, you don't even have to think about the intricacy of what you're listening to. It's highly stylized, to be sure. But the quality of the musicianship, the complexity of some of the composition is no less brilliant. So good that it melts into the subconsciousness and all you have to do is listen and experience.

Vocals aren't the main focus, neither are lyrics (though the lyrics when they present themselves have a great deal of depth under the lackluster vocals as in track "Waving"). What's important here is how the music as a whole gathers you in its arms and allows you to nestle in the comfort there without worrying about the time. Going Going Gone is the type of musical offering that lets listeners forget about the world for a while. Kudos to Mild High Club for gifting us a this stellar piece of music to dive into. As if to say, "Come on in. The water's fine."


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