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  • Cy White

Miguel Migs: Shaping Visions

One of the few remaining '90s-era house producers/DJs to still be in the game. Miguel Migs has decided to take things back to the origins with Shaping Visions. This is house for true house heads. Boom-cack straight from the House of Jack. Sultry grooves from the warehouse districts of the Midwest. This is the type of controlled sensual chaos I always gravitate toward when I want my nostalgia raw and blooming, a aural memory that pierces me right at the center. It's been a long seven years between albums. But Migs brings his salt-of-the-earth house and nu-jazz back with a vengeance. Once again working with mainstays of the genre (Lisa Shaw, Aya, Martin Luther), reinvigorating the genre by taking us back to the beginning. Damn, it's great to have him back!

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