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I can't help but feel like I've heard LUNARSOLAR's Rise before. It's no wonder. Every label is essentially contracting the same Western producers to make their music, and if they can't afford that, enlisting local producers who sound as similar to their Western counterparts as possible.

This is music that must have the atmosphere of a club or concert venue. If not, at least the speakers for it where the blending of songs isn't really that much of an issue. Standing alone, just listening to the album as it is, you keep feeling as if you've been here before. For what it's worth, Rise does fine. "DADADA" is a decent club banger -- dubstep drops, typical signature changes abound. "BOM BI DI BOM" follows the same script, this time making use of the reggaetón/moombahton influence that has pervaded K-pop for the past five or so years. Not bad, but again, we've been here before.

Sure, most people are satisfied with club bangers that showcase their girl groups' supposed "badness" and slay-ibility. I'm just bored of it. We all agree every woman is a queen, as she should be revered as. But musically to reside over the same exact kingdom becomes a case of way too many queens in the court who aren't accomplishing much of anything if they're all doing the exact same thing.


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