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Well! One certainly can't accuse Korean electronica artist and DJ KIRARA of being boring!

Her "4" series culminating in EP 4 are definitely a ride. Home girl is on another planet when it comes to the work she does. It's cheeky, flirty, definitely high-octane even in moments of intentional deceleration. Though hearing the EPs through headphones doesn't quite capture the thrill of seeing her perform the music live, the experience is no less entertaining.

KIRARA certainly doesn't get enough credit for being one of the baddest women to actually do the damn thing. In Korea, most herald CIFIKA (rightfully so) for her enigmatic, eccentric approach to electronica. However, KIARAR is a beast of a DJ and produces some of the most powerful electronic, techno/trance I've heard in a while.

Give KIRARA her flowers today!

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