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  • Cy White

Kingfish Ingram: 662

Yes! Thank God for the Delta blues. Thank all the angels in the firmament for Kingfish Ingram! This man's voice was built from the murky depths of the Mississippi Delta. But that guitar. dammit that guitar! That's something that could only come from the heavens. Beyond holy, the way this man plays the guitar is enough to snatch the life right out of you and send your spirit spiraling sky-high.

662 is the type of music you listen to when you really want to get lost in the raw, dirty, real feelings of existence. While Ingram's music isn't necessarily tough in the way that blues can be hard on the soul, it doesn't shirk the weariness, instead inviting the love feelings of home and security to ease the blows ("662," "I Got to See You").

What can I even say to this? If you're serious about finding out what the blues looks like in the 21st century, you best get your hind parts to Christopher "Kingfish" Ingram's altar, get down on your knees and pour praise on whatever god you worship.


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