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  • Cy White

Kindred the Family Soul: Auntie & Unc

The calm. The love. The earnest heart-hugging beauty of Kindred the Family Soul. Theirs is the kind of music that you don't realize you've missed until you hear it again after some time. Pure neo soul, nostalgic, but still timely and full of relevance, if only because the world is yearning for more love.

I don't know if I've felt this comforted for a while. There has been amazing music, ethereal, thick with emotion, gorgeously sprawling and emotive. Some of it endearing itself to me more than this one. However, Auntie & Unc is the only one that shifted the weight on my shoulders so soothingly that it simply fell away. Melted into a pool on the floor. Don't mistake it for soft or lacking in substance. It's simply an album that speaks to a part of my that I didn't realize I needed, or at least not this desperately. Validation without the overwhelming feeling that I'm being forced to fight every oppression in the world.

Auntie & Unc is an album of self-care and self-affirmation. Love of self and of those around me. Acknowledgment of struggle without leaving you festering in anger, frustration and helplessness.

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