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  • Cy White

Kimperi: 1+1+1+=1

There's certainly a reason for the title. Kimperi's 1+1+1=1 EP seems to be an amalgamation of three different genres that don't really sit comfortably next to each other. The album opens on pleasant ambient rock with "Alright." I'm a sucker for a guitar lick drenched in reverb and gritty vocals that rub up against the acid-soaked soothe of the music that surrounds it.

Then we're led into mostly pop fare with track "StreetStreet." The contrast is so jarring, so utterly unexpected and not exactly wanted, it pulls me right out of the album. For as short as this offering is, being thrown out of it in the second song really doesn't do it any favors. One could argue this allows there to be something for every listener to relate to. Valid point. But it also leaves the EP disjointed and really doesn't inspire one to want to repeat the experience.

For what it's worth, the opening track is really a pleasant piece of music that sets the album up for something magical. It's unfortunate that potential was wasted on an album that didn't really know where it wanted to go in the end.


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