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  • Cy White

Justin Nozuka: then, now & again

Tender, lovely, emotive R&B that takes the genre back to its more syrupy heartache. Justin Nozuka has a beautiful voice that should be treasured and an ear for the traditional essence of R&B that should be applauded. However, traditional R&B being a singer's genre, the best way to highlight a voice has always been through ballad. This can make the genre stagnant and utterly uninteresting. Songwriting is always emotional and poignant. It resonates with the lover in all of us. Combined with low-tempo, often dramatic, musical composition and big voices that always seem propped up by unshed tears, R&B is often just one-note. As genuinely beautiful as Nozuka's voice is, as tender as the music, as yearningly raw as the lyrics, I do want more from the material than what's expected. That being said, I cannot deny the lush tapestries of his voice in conjunction with some of the music and most certainly his lyricism on the, now & again. I have a great deal of respect for the honesty in the music. All, of course, bolstered by the prettiness of the voice delivering the message.



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