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  • Cy White

Jimmy Brown & Jword: Chérie

While Jimmy Brown's bedroom playlist was straight-to-the-point sex talk, his collaboration with Jword, Chérie is more syrup-drip R&B that plays on the cerebral part of lust. The part that actually does force you to sit down and think about if this is what you want. There's more contemplation of the emotional connection between lovers than just the act of lovemaking (in whichever form that takes for the night). While it's by no means an innocent stroll through love and romance, there is at least romance there. A desire for more than a quick roll in the sack. There's a sense that there are consequences here, good and bad.

References to "the kind of happiness you wish for" float around ("Come My Way"). There's the added weight of indecision, self-doubt, questioning of motives here. That emotional element makes this an album a listener can really dig their teeth into. An album you listen to if you want good R&B that while clinging to several of the genre's more cloying tropes still has incredibly quality and depth.

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