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jeebanoff: VOID.

jeebanoff has always been something of an enigma in South Korea's independent scene. Somewhere between R&B, pop and stardust you'll find him. He's sat complacently in R&B for some time. His latest effort shows a man itching to experience, say and do much more than the confines of his trend-chasing peers.

From cover to last note, VOID. is just an experience. The textures created with very simple sound manipulation. Almost negligible bits of tremolo to create a warbling effect, subtle wah filters spiked with a little compression to give the aural effect of being sucked into a vacuum. jeebanoff has gone for experimental when many of his peers continue to ride ever-cresting and crashing trending waves.

VOID. is a stellar piece of music that opens jeebanoff and his listeners up to possibilities I don't think even he would've ever imagined. A captivating sonic narrative that delves into the depths of human emotion without being overbearing or maudlin for the sake of playing a game of emotional show-and-tell.

His voice is simple, unstrained. He sits so comfortably in his higher tenor voice, not reaching for more than what's there. Explosive feeling that drives the pulsating force of the music (tracks "I MEAN I MEAN" and "OFF YOU.," a song that screams and cries and wails, guitar and vocal feeding off one another's heartache). Feathered vocals when he wants you to lean into what he's saying to truly feel where his soul is (the ethereal galaxy of pure emotion that is track "PRAY." and the hushed teardrop and lullaby of "GOOD BYE."). However, perhaps the aspect of this album that has the most emotive impact on me is jeebanoff's use of silence. The quiet spaces in this piece are so well placed and used to such incredible precision. Moments of clarity right before the song opens up to an explosion of musical majesty. By using quiet spots in the piece, it further elevates the poignancy of his vocal and adds weight to the chaos of the sounds used.

VOID. is an apt title. jeebanoff takes you on a voyage between dimensions, the vibrating, spiraling soundwaves, the optical illusion of movement on a flat surface when concentric circles dance among each other. The album is a tumble between subtle planes of silence and breathtaking chaos (exemplified with track "SHUT MY EYES."). Such control of vision, narrative and, of course, sound. By far and away, the most magical project jeebanoff has ever executed.

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