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Jay Electronica – A Written Testimony

The album we all waited for wasn’t exactly the album we expected. “A Written Testimony” is discordant. Emotionally uncomfortable. Creates an ethereal motif with a sinister underbelly, which I think serves as an elegant juxtaposition to conversations about faith and extreme ideologies of religious practice. These conversations are, of course, shrouded in the fact that Jay just lives in it. Thus his insights will appear shallow because, after all... He just lives them every day. Jay has built a foundation on which many hip-hop artists stand and oftentimes thrive. So while there are many who do what he does, they do so because he exists. All that being said, this isn't a Jay Electronica album. This is a Jay-Z album with Jay Elec's influence. Whether or not it's what people expected, it certainly isn't what most wanted. But again, Jay Elec has such a distinct musical voice that whether you "like" it or not, you are undeniably affected by it. I was incredibly affected by this album. It sits heavily on my skin, comforting me with an uncomfortable smile. For that dichotomy of sensations, mental and emotional, I adore this album! I just wish it actually was a Jay Electronica album.


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