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  • Cy White

Iglooghost: Lei Line Eon

Explosive, electric. Textured, layered music that rubs against the skin and the mind.

The music is reminiscent of the era between Bjork's Vespertine and Medulla. Crisp sounds that are both jarring and elegantly explosive. Iglooghost is nothing if not a tactile being. He creates music that forces you to feel something, whether that feeling is an emotion or a physical shiver, you will have a reaction. It's tough but tender, rugged yet inviting. As with so much of his music, Lei Line Eon has a temperature. This is ice-cold on the surface (glass sounds and hallow spaces), but once you dig deeper it's searing, white-hot at its core. A contrast of aural stimulations that leave mind pixelated and the skin ticklish.

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