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  • Cy White


GOT7 returns after much speculation about their future when they all scattered to the winds at the end of their respective contracts with JYP. The boldly self-titled EP offers some of the group's most mature work while still clinging on to the pop sensibilities that made them. Sleek pop that while not groundbreaking is a step up in maturity. Which is to be expected with a group now steadfastly in the "veteran" category, members spotted across different agencies and oftentimes countries.

It's an easy listen, a fun album especially for fans of the septet. Does it do much more than that? No, but it really doesn't have to. A decent pop album that has some intriguing moments (particularly opening track "TRUTH"). Some spirited synth work on track "Drive Me To The Moon" that carries over into the flirtatious "NANANA." The coyness of the production melts into track "Two," a sensual slide of R&B tropes against each other that makes for the most vocally strong track on the EP.

There's a tinge of something nostalgic in this EP. Music crafted out of the type of pop-R&B that saturated the early 2000s, maybe even the later '90s. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The over-indulgence of the music does lend itself to the group and oddly offers them a chance at a musical maturity found inconsistently in their previous work. If this is indeed meant to be the EP that represents who they truly are as a group, it's at least an interesting enough departure from previous albums to cause those with only a passing interest in the idol culture to pause long enough to give the six-song EP a listen.



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