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DPR Live - Is Anybody Out There

This is a surprising piece of work from DPR Live. His discography has been up and down since his debut EP, “Coming to You Live.” We’ve had what people label “bops,” but nothing of substantial note to me. So he took a break to reevaluate and really assess his place in Korea’s music scene. It took him to a depth he might not have tried if not for the freedom of Dream Perfect. “Is Anybody Out There” is the closest look at DPR Live as both an artist and a man. He gives insight into his life, while exploring some topics (namely the more explicit subject matter) with more aggression and fearlessness than he ever has before. While not a consistent album throughout, it is a wonderful entry into his short discography that points to hopefully more depth in the future. Plus the production on here is from the GODS!


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