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  • Cy White

Doja Cat: Planet Her (Deluxe)

*sigh* Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into one of those jaded older people who swear up and down that "young kids today" don't know anything about music. Because I swear what's actually hot nowadays has me questioning if people have just stopped giving a damn about music.

But I can only blame myself for that. To expect more is to enter into a fight I know I can't win. Doja Cat's Planet Her simply doesn't do it for me. I should leave at that and walk away. The music is sometimes decent, but for the most part is indistinguishable from anything else on the radio. The lyrics are uninspired and lazy. The vocal work is...there. Doja Cat is at best unskilled, at worst unlistenable. Her "rapping" is a hodge-podge of other women with the same cadence but better delivery and lyricism. Her overall musical package seems like watered-down imitation at its most innocent, mockery at its most scathing. There's very little that appeals to me on this album, and I'm not even going to try to make any of it stick. The effort it would take to ignore my framework for what I consider listenable music isn't worth it.

Planet Her is basic, uninteresting, almost unintelligible, substandard music that panders to an audience that cares less about what they're listening to and more about their ability to dance to it. And you know what? Good for them. A big part of music is how it makes you feel more than the content. It's just unfortunate that this is the type of thing we should be applauding as an artistic triumph of some sort.


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