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  • Cy White

Colde: idealism

There's something nostalgic and familiar about Colde's latest album. He seems to have curated the music on idealism to fit the namesake precisely. There's an element of the idyllic and ambitious about the music. Colde accomplishes this without ever sounding like he's overexerting himself or stretching far beyond the parameters of his musical aesthetic. While that might seem to be contradictory to the title, the idealism lay in the way he manages to create music that's so specific to a time and space without leaving too much of his personal style in its wake.

idealism isn't earth-shatteringly interesting. It's just good music that plays on familiarity. An aural déjà vu, a sense that we've been here before and the time we had was good. There are moments of sweet elegance on the album that stop you for a moment to contemplate Colde's emotional investment in the piece ("Tunnel," "Blue Candle"). In that way, idealism does manage to follow through with more poignancy and give us an idealistic look at the type of music Colde would like to pursue, if for nothing else to add more emotional depth nd texture to what he already does. In this way the EP does take on the characteristics of its title.

Ideally, this is the pocket Colde wants to sit in: emotional work that plays on both nostalgia and organic emotion. But being beholden to some of the tropier parts of the genres he sifts between, perhaps this was just a one-off, something he's not too eager to commit to just yet. Let's hope his idealism becomes less nebulous and solidifies into something we can hold on to.

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