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Chancellor: Chancellor

Chancellor is an artist who's always danced on the periphery of Korea's mainstream. His voice has the type of smooth resonance that dreams are made of: sweet, serene. There's incredible warmth in his voice, but also a tendency toward tenderness indicative of the kind of breathy timbre he makes use of.

His eponymous LP is reminiscent of artists in the vein of Gallant or Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson ("Midnight"). The airiness of the notes when he calls on emotional balladry (most notable in the album's opening number, "Broken Wings") breaks open to a heartier tone as the album drifts into midtempo numbers (lead single "Dancing Alone," "Midnight"). The deeper the album gets, Jackson's influence becomes more overt. The falsetto, the flutter of his notes when they reach their apex. Chancellor's is a voice that will drum up distant memories (the first time hearing "Rock With You" or "She's Out My Life"). Emotions possibly forgotten, then rekindled when listening to this veritable veteran of the industry.

With his self-titled album, Chancellor opens himself up to listeners who might not have realized he's been working behind the scenes and as a featured artist for almost a decade. His talent has carried him this long, and this LP attests to the breadth of what he has to offer.

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