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  • Cy White

Bludwork: Hypervigilance

Sensual. Deep mood. Hypervigilance is more than just a smooth piece of music. It sits inside the ear and massages the senses. Though Bludwork isn't necessarily the most dynamic singer, he creates music that houses his deep tenor comfortably. To the point where the vocal becomes lost inside the music, almost not differentiating itself from the overall composition. Not necessarily a bad thing, though removed from the comforts of his own music I wonder how it fares. That being said, Hypervigilance is an expressive and sexy album. Not in a way that hints at something vulgar or even primal. It's tender, incredibly sensitive and open ("Invisible," "Stronger Acids"). Each track surrounds the listener like mist: a vaguely wet but clinging feeling of warmth ("Here Again"). Yes. Soft and erotic and warm. However, it's the warmth that embraces you and allows you, like Bludwork's own voice, to become a part of the music instead of standing outside of it. A symbiote that is forced to be interwoven with the piece instead of casually observing how it moves.


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