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  • Cy White


All-encompassing. Sweeping. It's like its own world, its own galaxy. One can really feel, see, taste stars when listening to Talk Memory. BADBADNOTGOOD just has a way of enveloping you in the music. The freshness of jazz with the emotion and hypnosis of psychedelic soul. Gorgeous, flittering like dragonflies, butterflies, majestic birds of prey swooping down to capture you. But you don't mind the hunt, or the capture, or the inevitability of life. It just is, and it's all beautiful because it's what nature intends.

Talk Memory really is like speaking to the planet, as if being coaxed into something old, deep, long-lasting. A memory, yes, of a lifetime spent in orbit, collecting and growing and loving, dying and resurrecting with new seeds, new life.

This is how you create a seamless album that doesn't seem one-note. It's a singular movement of various sounds and tones. There are voltas, shifts in time signature and pace, but there never seems to be a stop-start or the illusion of space between one song and the next. It's all one cohesive emotion, memory, a puzzle put together with various angles and dips that create one glorious picture of sound.

Peppered throughout Talk Memory, we hear the brilliance of Arthur Verocai, a name that continues to circulate among musicians' circles. It's incredible to hear the power and beauty of this man's vision in spaces where it has room to truly unfurl its wings and take flight. We're also gifted the elegant and grit-tough jazz of Terrace Martin. Another the thick texture added to an album absolutely drenching with sensory stimulation.

This all culminates in an album that imprints itself onto the listener. Carving a memory like a fever dream. You're not sure what you're remembering or why it's there. But the trip is well worth the struggle to figure it out.

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