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  • Cy White

Amber Mark: Three Dimensions Deep

IT seems like 2022 is well on its way to being the year of new beginnings. Debut albums from extraordinary artists highlight the early part of the year. Amber Mark's official debut album, Three Dimensions Deep, not only isn't an exception, it sets the bar pretty damn high for anyone following in its plane-transcending shadow.

Getting straight to the point. Three Dimensions Deep is an incredible album. Music that's mature, deep, rich. Full of true emotions and a thick connection to the R&B that birthed her. It doesn't feel forced, rather an extension of "Mark's" emotional awareness. An album akin to Jazmine Sullivan's powerful Heaux Tales in that it doesn't aim for emulating trends (that are in their own right emulations of trends gone past). Instead, Mark creates music that connects with what she's going through. That might be R&B, might be soul, might be alternative or folk or even playful bits of piano-driven pop ("Healing Hurts") or island-tinged Lovers Rock ("Softly").

What a surprising piece of music. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon Ms. Mark and her gift. Wonderful storytelling that's bolstered by the nuanced contemporary sophistication of the production and the open and honest richness of Amber Mark's voice.


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