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  • Cy White

The Alchemist: Carry The Fire

If there was ever an album to illustrate The Alchemist's cinematic affinity, Carry The Fire would be it.

This isn't just an album for a DJ to flex his muscle. Though he's using samples, this is the type of work you'd expect from somebody building a film score. Many of his samples are just that, but that doesn't make them any less poignant when put in conjunction with his creativity as far as mixing, manipulation and building goes. He knows how to draw out the tense moments in each song and build upon them to create his own narrative.

The only problem with DJ mixtapes is that they often pack a great deal of content in a very short amount of time. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, Carry The Fire just feels so sudden and so short. Though the expansiveness of the music makes up for its brevity, it still feels like a gut punch when you realize that just as you've immersed yourself in his world The Alchemist is kicking you back out again.

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