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  • Cy White

Adeline: Adi Oasis

Adeline's Adi Oasis is a piece of funk magic that will lock you in as soon as the first note swings and dips into your ears. Soul and funk reminiscent of bands like Rufus and artists like Teena Marie and Betty Davis. Gentle but oh so powerful in its nostalgia.

Adi Oasis is beautiful music that naturally gives a feeling of home, of familiarity. Adeline doesn't wear the stylistic choices like a costume, instead leaning into the purity of the genres that birthed her.

I feel such a deep pull to the music that even knowing where it comes from (and knowing that its origins are much more effective) I can't help but fall into its familiar embrace. Comforting and full of love. Adi Oasis is a piece of music out of time yet so fully aware of itself as to be perfect for this very moment.

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